Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Things - Day 23: Hobbies

23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

When I'm not on a drawing hiatus, like now, I enjoy sitting down and drawing. My favourite way to draw is traditional, with pencils or charcoal. I'm thinking about starting a big huge project that ties in with one of my novels and it may take me time. I was thinking about making profiles for each character to even making a comic? I'm not sure but I'm ready to start soon!

I've loved photography since a very young age and as I grew up I dedicated myself to learning more about it. I've taken a total of 3 courses in school related to photography. I'm still learning more things and wish to continue. So far I have some work up on my Flickr account and those images are just a start. I'm hoping one day to take further education in photography.

Filming and Restoration
Filming is one of my favourite things to do and I started off with no knowledge at all. With dedication and time I learned how to create videos and edit them. I started this hobby as a young child again and I made some pretty unique or shall I say embarrassing movies. (Thank God I didn't have youtube back in the day!) I took Media Arts and 3-D Animation in high school to help learn more about filming and creation. Even though 3-D Max kicked my ass I still have some things to show off my accomplishments.

Video Games
I love playing video games on my spare time! From the classics like Super Mario Brothers, Sega Genesis collections to the newer stuff like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey and so on! I love playing any type of a game and I get easily addicted to them. I don't spend so much time playing video games but when I get back into a phase I'll play for days on end. There's some new titles like Skyrim for instance that I'm dying to play but I probably won't leave the house for months. Actually I think I'll go play now...

(Image property of Square Enix)

Road Trips
This is a shared a hobby of my family and I. Some days we randomly plan to go places and off we go, with camera in hand. The camera is the only technology I'll bring because I don't believe in bringing that kind of stuff with us on days like that. We mainly travel around Ontario, visit some of our favourite places or find new places we like. Sometimes we have the greatest luck with our road trips and manage to arrive in places when there's stuff going on, like the Scottish festival in Orillia one year.

(All images but one belong to me)

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