Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes finding inspiration is difficult and sometimes we can't understand why. I've contemplated on this thought a lot lately and I feel I understand now. As an artist, my inspiration mainly comes from people and the more I can learn, the better.

I had a conversation today with a good friend about inspiration and further continued my conversation with my sister. Anything you love comes from the heart, and anything dark comes from the heart. Your body outpours the emotion into any form it pleases. In this case it could be a simple piece of writing, a drawing or a melody of music. Of course emotion comes in all shades and doesn't always have to involve 'art' itself.

The inspiration to anything in my life comes from people, it comes from nature and it comes from the soul. However, I believe this for any other individual.

When you feel you're lacking the inspiration you need, turn to people, to nature and to yourself. We learn from different things and we use that knowledge to understand the things we want to express or understand.

Just a thought for today ...