Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Things - Day 23: Hobbies

23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

When I'm not on a drawing hiatus, like now, I enjoy sitting down and drawing. My favourite way to draw is traditional, with pencils or charcoal. I'm thinking about starting a big huge project that ties in with one of my novels and it may take me time. I was thinking about making profiles for each character to even making a comic? I'm not sure but I'm ready to start soon!

I've loved photography since a very young age and as I grew up I dedicated myself to learning more about it. I've taken a total of 3 courses in school related to photography. I'm still learning more things and wish to continue. So far I have some work up on my Flickr account and those images are just a start. I'm hoping one day to take further education in photography.

Filming and Restoration
Filming is one of my favourite things to do and I started off with no knowledge at all. With dedication and time I learned how to create videos and edit them. I started this hobby as a young child again and I made some pretty unique or shall I say embarrassing movies. (Thank God I didn't have youtube back in the day!) I took Media Arts and 3-D Animation in high school to help learn more about filming and creation. Even though 3-D Max kicked my ass I still have some things to show off my accomplishments.

Video Games
I love playing video games on my spare time! From the classics like Super Mario Brothers, Sega Genesis collections to the newer stuff like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey and so on! I love playing any type of a game and I get easily addicted to them. I don't spend so much time playing video games but when I get back into a phase I'll play for days on end. There's some new titles like Skyrim for instance that I'm dying to play but I probably won't leave the house for months. Actually I think I'll go play now...

(Image property of Square Enix)

Road Trips
This is a shared a hobby of my family and I. Some days we randomly plan to go places and off we go, with camera in hand. The camera is the only technology I'll bring because I don't believe in bringing that kind of stuff with us on days like that. We mainly travel around Ontario, visit some of our favourite places or find new places we like. Sometimes we have the greatest luck with our road trips and manage to arrive in places when there's stuff going on, like the Scottish festival in Orillia one year.

(All images but one belong to me)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

30 Things - Day 7: Your Dream Job

What's your dream job, and why?

There's things I would consider my dream jobs and I'm hoping to one day incorporate all of them into one thing.

1. Become a successful writer. During high school I found one of my callings and it was writing. I had help realising my love for writing when my Civics teacher Mr.P would look forward to reading my arguments and articles. One day he pulled me aside and told me "Leanne, you're a very talented writer and you need to continue this". So I will say that he helped encourage me to continue my writing. Besides my blog writing, which isn't always perfect, I have 2 novels in the works. I have had one article of mine published in my schools newspaper and since then I haven't given up my mission to get published somewhere bigger than the school paper.

2. Become a film maker or photographer. Ever since I could use my Grandmother's camcorder and I got my first camera, I have never stopped creating media. I took classes in school for photography, digital animation and media arts. Some of my work can be found on my Flickr or Youtube page but it hasn't been updated.

3. Own my own business/store. I always wanted to own my own little store and sell unique items that ranged from crafts, candles, soaps to vintage jewelry and clothing. I also had a dream to own a cafe where I would let local bands play and be heard in a cool, comfortable setting.

Then recently I came up with a business plan that involved joining my passion for art, photography, writing, web design and film. I don't want to conceal much now but if it happens, you'll be the first to know!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes finding inspiration is difficult and sometimes we can't understand why. I've contemplated on this thought a lot lately and I feel I understand now. As an artist, my inspiration mainly comes from people and the more I can learn, the better.

I had a conversation today with a good friend about inspiration and further continued my conversation with my sister. Anything you love comes from the heart, and anything dark comes from the heart. Your body outpours the emotion into any form it pleases. In this case it could be a simple piece of writing, a drawing or a melody of music. Of course emotion comes in all shades and doesn't always have to involve 'art' itself.

The inspiration to anything in my life comes from people, it comes from nature and it comes from the soul. However, I believe this for any other individual.

When you feel you're lacking the inspiration you need, turn to people, to nature and to yourself. We learn from different things and we use that knowledge to understand the things we want to express or understand.

Just a thought for today ...


Friday, September 2, 2011

Toronto CNE 2011

The Toronto CNE 2011 <- To WATCH the video! This years Canadian Exhibition was a blast and I really enjoyed it! We arrived September 1st and there was a lot of interesting things going on that day. We brought the cameras and captured some of the event, there was so much going on that we couldn't make it to everything!

We started off our day in the International Building, where you can find venders from across the world. It's a really huge building so we spent a lot of our day shopping and checking out the cool stuff each vender had to offer! If you're a person who has visited the CNE before some of the venders are the same as before and even have their stand in the same place! It didn't take me long to find the 'Products from Finland' stand! Another one of my favourite stands in the International Building would have to be the 'Products from Pakistan' because they had beautiful pieces made from onyx.

In the same building, there is a section for 'Products from TV' and I went on my journey to find Dr. Ho because I promised my cousin I'd take a picture with him. If you read the following blog, I added 'Finding Dr.Ho' to this years hopeful accomplishments, and he ... WASN'T THERE! And I wasn't ready to go find Vince, the 'Shamwow' guy because isn't he in jail? Haha!

(Wouldn't I look badass with a pic with Dr.Ho? )
Later on in the day we went over to the food court to try out some of the foods people were raving about! Now since I wasn't really ready to eat deep-fryed Coke Cola or Doughnut Hamburgers, we took the safe route and tried 'The Colossol Onion'! We've seen it on the news and people have mentioned it in their youtube videos. Basically it's a Spanish onion cut like a flower and deep-fried. The meal is huge, which is probably why we spent $10 on a $1 onion! The batter was alright but I found pulling the onion off was very ackward and messy. My verdict: I wasn't very impressed and I wish they gave us more napkins! Our onion was huge, but wasn't such a 'Colossol' of a thing to try!

 After the food court I had the chance to check out the 'Toronto Star Bandshell', where Canadian band 'My Darkest Days' with supporting act 'Jonas and the Massive Attraction' were to take stage at 7:30pm! We had found out they were playing a little too late and hadn't fit the concert into our schedule. So while roaming the grounds near the Bandshell I heard a bit of rehearsals, I filmed Jonas and the Massive Attraction but soon after when My Darkest Days were to take the stage for rehearsals a guy came up to me and asked if I was filming! However I got a little glimpse, so it wasn't so bad afterall.

Everyday at the Ex is Mardi Gras! Last time while the Mardi Gras parade was on we were stuck in the International Building and missed the parade! Luckily we got the chance to check it out this year! It's short and sweet, with 4 floats and 2 marching bands. The parade itself lasts about 10 minutes and happens everyday around 6pm. We left the parade with about 8 Jerry Beads, as we would call them! I still have mine from 2008! The Canadian Forces joined in on the parade and had their own display out on the grounds!

The last little bit of time we spent at the CNE we took the chance to go back into the International building. We hadn't seen all the stands and we wanted to go back to buy some stuff from some of the stands. We came across visual artist Daryl Maddeoux, who recently I had seen on a documentary on television. It was really cool to actually see him at work in person, was quite unique!

Of course, through all the madness we checked out the 'Arts, Crafts and Hobbies' building and I had bought some new stones to add to my collection (Amethyst, Flourite, Tiger's Eye)! We had also made our way to the 'Better Living Centre', which housed the 'The Farm' and 'Casino'. We skipped the Casino this year and just went into the farm!

Then it was time to go back home! I really enjoyed myself and reccomend others to go to the CNE if they are ever in Toronto at the end of the year! There's so much going on! From my previous post I explained how I missed Marianas Trench, which would have been an awesome show to attend. Here are some of the artists that made their way out to the CNE this year;

-Marianas Trench
-Jonas and the Massive Attraction
-My Darkest Days
-Cover bands

(The line-up will explain my music choices for the video, I had no idea what to use so I used a theme)

Did I meet all my goals this year?

- Uncover some of the greatest and weirdest foods the CNE has to offer (Check!)

- Explore the international building a little more and see if any venders are interested in sharing some stuff (We did some more exploring this year, however it was too crowded to ask the venders some stuff)

- Showing off goods from different countries (Not as much as I would have liked)

- Meet Dr. Ho finally, the past two years I missed him! ( $hit!)

- Try to catch up on some of the interesting music and artists at the CNE (FAIL!)

- Last but not least capture hilarous moments as always (Check! Too bad to show ahaha!)

My exhibition goals for 2012;
- More music!

- Plan to arrive for shows

- Film in HD w/ DSLR

- Meet more people (God forbid I have to return to find Dr.Ho again lol)